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Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) method is less invasive and incision on the scalp. Under this procedure a special finest mechanized extractor is used to remove individual hair root from the donor area. The extracted hair root is then implanted using a unique implantation tool in the recipient site.
After hair transplant, the hair that is planted at bald patches area falls off in 2-3 weeks but leave behind the active hair follicle from which the new hair begins to grow within 2-3 months. The actual density of hair growth comes in 6-9 months.
For that, Hair and scalp diagnose is required. If your hair loss is not due to a genetic condition, it's likely that it can be prevented.
Although there is no defined age limit for hair transplant, we advise to go for hair transplant while hair loss is under control. Consult expert trichologist before taking any hair transplant.
Generally, cost of hair transplant depends on various factors like baldness stage, number of grafts required, technology which is to be used. These factors are reviewed and analysed in a consultation with a trichologist. The cost of grafts vary between INR 25 - 100 per graft.
Stress, Irregular dietary habits , Hormonal Influences, Dandruff, Scalp infections, Illnesses, surgery, Specific nutritional deficiencies etc.

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