Hair Problems & Hair Fall Treatment During Covid 19 Pandemic

Hair loss occurs when the body’s cycle of hair production is disrupted. It’s quite possible to
lose hair on the crown the mostly. Hair on the scalp grows, rests, sheds and then regrows
again in a cyclical pattern, with an average of upto 100,000 hairs.
Key Symptoms such as thinning hair, receding front hairlines, and hair falling out in patches
can occur if the hair follicle is damaged or disrupted throughout this cycle. Today everyone is
suffering from hair problems. Thinning of hair, baldness, and early graying are some of the
problems to be mentioned. Hair loss (alopecia) can affect your scalp or your entire body. It
can result from heredity, hormonal changes, medical conditions, or aging.
Dr. Paul’s offers you effective hair loss treatment in Gurgaon. We are a team of dedicated
Trichologists and professionals who work round the clock to identify your problem and find
solutions to it.

Why does HAIR FALL happen?

Most common reasons for excess hair fall in Men:

1. Irregular dietary habits Eg. Skipping breakfasts / meals, Crash Dieting

2.  High intake of refined carbohydrates, saturated fats, preservatives eg. aerated soft drinks, mono-sodium glutamate in chinese foods, deep fried food etc. These deprive the hair of its nutrients.

3. Specific nutritional deficiencies Eg. Vitamin D, Vitamin B12, Proteins, Zinc

4. Hormonal Influences – teenage, heavy weight training and body building supplements

5. Stress

6. Dandruff, Scalp infections

7. Illnesses, surgery

Our Hair Fall Treatment Program

Dr. Paul’s Hair loss prevention for men program starts with a detailed doctor consultation & advanced hair analysis to diagnose the root cause of hair fall. The program is then customized based on the analysis to provide best hair growth solutions.

Our programme will consist of In-clinic Services and Home Care System along with Diet and Hair tips.

In-clinic Services – Hair Fall Control Program

1. Dr Paul’s Scalp Care for deep cleansing, oil & dandruff control, gentle exfoliation and rejuvenation to provide the best enriched environment for hair to regrow

2. Nutri-MESO technology to deliver patented nutrients, peptides and growth factors directly to hair roots and hair follicles to make the hair stronger and to control hair fall

Home Care System – Hair Fall Control Program

1. HAIR FACT–It’s our In-house researched, nationally & internationally acclaimed oral Cyclical Vitamin Hair loss Programme to prevent hair fall, grow strong and health hair.

2. Hair Care Products – To condition and strengthen your scalp and hair, to take care of dandruff and oily scalp

3. Hair Beam Therapy – To increase the energy level of hair roots.

Benefits of Hair Fall Control Program

1. Fast reduction in hair fall – results can be seen as early as one month

2. Thicker and stronger hair – you can see the change as early as two months

3. Hair follicle is strengthened and nourished – gives you long term positive effects

4. New hair re-growth starts

5. Improves scalp condition

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